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Aug. 9th, 2017 12:04 am
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- Turning on bedside lamp.
- Turning off power-bars.
- Walking up, looking me in the eye, and slowly and deliberately pulling my mouse cable out of the USB port.


Actually usually the first two are Ladybug, who likes to lounge gracefully beside my bed, heedless of whatever pointy switch is in the way. Sammy's more the wild hunter-cat type. He will capture the mouse! And the toy lettuce! And the uncovered body parts! OW THOSE ARE MY BODY PARTS STOP THAT! But then he flops over on my toe and begs for pets and I forgive him.

Bupropion is going very well so far. It's way, way too soon for any direct effect on mood to have happened, but a side effect is insomnia, and my headaches make me sleepy and my headache meds make me REALLY sleepy, so having some insomnia to fight against my hypersomnia is... really great. I'm awake! Appropriate amounts! Being awake is nice! Sadly this is the type of side effect that many people become tolerant to and so fades with time, but maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones who keeps it. In the meantime, enjoying the awakeness and have been going for walks, which is nice despite the smoke. SO MUCH SMOKE. I saw some lovely purple roses with big fat shiny rosehips today on my way to get more injera, which is now my Tuesday Leaving The House habit. Until I get sick of injera. So... never?

I got to see my cousin the lawyer-violinist today! I should visit him more often. I keep thinking he still lives in Toronto, but he moved to BC ages ago and now lives like, 5 blocks away. Anyway, he is clearing our late grandmother's effects out of her apartment and storage unit. She died 19 years ago, but it took that long for someone in the family to finally go GAH WELL SOMEONE HAS TO and get around to it. Heh. Okay it's a bit more complicated than that but not much. Anyway, he dropped off my requested mementoes: some awesome 70s casserole dishes that I remember gramma making things I would refuse to eat in, and a really great floral tea service for Greg to have tea parties with. He was VERY pleased to find it here when he came by this afternoon, and has picked out his favourite flowery cups and put them in the least cat-accessible cupboards of the play kitchen. (I wisely picked the cheapest set of tea cups gramma had in case of cat/child accidents. The Limoges set should go to someone else.)

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Aug. 6th, 2017 12:44 am
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Bad pain week, bad mood week, time to focus on what isn't bad!


- My unpacked house, still. OMG.

- I just finished reading "Love beyond body, space & time: an indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology" and it was FANTASTIC and too short. Transgender transhuman robots on the lam! Space lesbians dressing space chihuahuas in dinosaur hoodies! Makeouts in abandoned stargazing motels! Benevolent earth-healing aliens who give buzzcuts to humans who try to mess with them! I just. It's great.

- Oreos with pop-rocks in them. Greg doesn't know I have a bag. I haven't failed my stealth roll... yet.

- Greg. Ofc. He's taken to meowing whenever he's hungry, trying to convince me I own THREE cats, and that like the other two he is starving and must be fed immediately. Also he has a wiggly tooth, did you know that mama? Also mama can I see what pokemon megas you have did you know my favourite one which is very strong on attack is mega-Glalie? Also look I made a lego cat! It folds up.

- Excited to try a new antidepressant starting tomorrow. Can't bump up the dose of my current one because we tried that and wheeeeee, terrible nightmares every sleep cycle like clockwork, NOPE. So adding on bupropion (Wellbutrin/Zyban,) which I am so excited about for boring reasons! It's a fantastic antidepressant that I've always been unable to try because it only comes as a sustained-release tablet (in Canada) for the excellent reason that taking immediate-release bupropion lowers your seizure threshold. BUT. I'm taking an anticonvulsant as my main anti-migraine drug, and also I've stopped drinking entirely because of my stupid migraines, so between the two things my seizure risk is so low that fuck it, crush that SR tablet, who cares!

- I mean also I'm hopeful that will help with my mood? But honestly, mostly excited about the pharmacokinetics. Ugh, my mood. I feel so useless, I feel like such a failure, I feel simultaneously like I'm a faker because I'm not sick enough and that I'm too sick to do anything worthwhile, untangle that. Note that I don't THINK any of those things, I just FEEL them. I recognize the bullshit thoughts for what they are. But they keep firehosing along. So. Hopeful that extra drug power will help. Also going to give another try at regular exercise, this time gentle, slow walking. I'm still so cranky and grief-y about having lost running to my migraines. Walking is a bit of a punch to the feels. (Still having a subscription to Runner's World: also a regular ugh to the gut. I WANT TO RUN BUT IT HURTS SO MUCH.) But if it cheers me up, it will, y'know, have cheered me up, so. QED.

- Splatoon 2. Just played the mayo vs ketchup splatfest and OH MY SOUL IS PLEASED BY TENTACLE PAINTBALL.

- Injera. IS LOVE

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