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Awesome things!

We are at Orycon at the moment, getting ready for a concert tonight. It's been a great con so far! We are being well taken care of and the Filking has been excellent! We (and Sunnie) fully intend to kick some serious ass at tonight's big-ballroom concert. Be there if you can!

I haven't posted since we went to Germany for FilkCONtinental, an awesome German Filk con. Well, that trip was amazing in so many ways...

First of all, we got to spend a day at my new favorite geek obsession, Miniatur Wunderland. I loved analyzing all of the intricate technology that makes the place so interesting. It's more than just a giant train set; they've also got ships navigating actual waterways, fire trucks that respond to emergencies, and a completely functional airport with airplanes that take off and land and taxi to and from the gates. Check out this video and this video and be amazed. We stayed there an entire day until we were dead of exhaustion, and still only saw a fraction of the things to see. If you have the means, I highly recommend making a visit. If you want to know how they did all of that incredible automation, have a look at the Gerrit's Diary videos which detail the construction of the mind-boggling airport section (the videos have English subtitles available).

FilkCONtinental itself was amazing and wonderful, too! Here's a video from it, which ended up being one of the most incredible things we've ever experienced (look toward the end of the song when Kirstin pans the camera around to the audience):

As if that weren't enough, now that we're back, we're getting geared up for something even more amazing, and it's happening in just over a week! Our friend Molly Lewis has teamed up with Josh A. Cagan and Joseph Scrimshaw, and written a brand new all-star musical with all new songs! We will be the "house band" for a significant part of the show, backing up many of the performers as they perform Molly's new songs as part of the show (and backing up ourselves as well). This is going to be an incredible night, the lineup of fantastic performers includes:

Molly Lewis
The Doubleclicks
Marian Call
Joseph Scrimshaw
Vixy & Tony
Betsy Tinney
Sunnie Larsen
Hello, The Future!
Kiri Callaghan
Seth Boyer
The Mongrel Jews
Josh A Cagan
and MST3K+Rifftrax's Kevin Murphy as Santa

The show is Wednesday night, November 19th at The Triple Door. Tickets on sale now, make sure you don't miss this one! It's going to be epic!

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Oh my god that's awesome! Fantastic song and fantastic audience to appreciate it. <3 <3 <3