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Word to your reindeer.

Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas is now one for the history books. Amazing, incredible, fantastic night. It was so much fun, everyone involved was super professional and just nailed all of their parts. Molly wrote a dozen amazing, funny, sweet songs in such a short time, each one perfectly matching the artist who performed it. Josh and Joseph wrote and directed a hilarious script which kept us all in stitches. Then everyone learned their songs and their parts perfectly, in such a short time, with only just a couple of full run-throughs, and then it was time to take it to the stage. And it was just awesome. And I got to hang out with and be in the backing band for Kevin Murphy, someone who I've been a fan of for over 20 years. Kevin is a nice, funny, crazy man who brought the awesome: his number was just bonkers good. The night was perfect, beautiful, and surreal.

I'm especially glad there were two shows. During the second show, because I was more relaxed, I was able to get more swept up in the emotion of it all, and to enjoy and savor it. There were moments I got a little bit choked up, feeling so happy and proud to be a part of such a great group of performers.

Here's a few pics of the night, taken by Kristine 'GermanCityGirl' Hassell:

Cast photo, participants L to R:

Back row:
Sunnie Larsen, Fiddle, "Vixy & Tony".
Marian Call, performer, singer.
Josh Cagan, script writer, offstage effects and voices.
Seth Boyer, Guitarist for Marian, performer, singer.
Angela Webber, performer, singer, guitarist, "The Doubleclicks".
Aubrey Webber, performer, singer, cellist, "The Doubleclicks".
Sarah Shay, performer, singer, "The Mongrel Jews".
Kevin Murphy, performer, singer.
Tony Fabris, guitarist "Vixy & Tony".

Middle row, left side:
Betsy Tinney, cellist, "Vixy & Tony".
Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey, performer, singer, drummer, "Vixy & Tony".
Nicole Dieker, performer, singer, "Hello, the Future!".

Bottom row:
Joseph Scrimshaw, director, narrator.
Molly Lewis, performer, singer, ukulele, songwriter (all songs).
Kiri Callaghan, performer, singer.
Annie Hughes, performer, singer, harmonica, "The Mongrel Jews".
Brandi Murphy, backstage support.
Sara Scrimshaw, stage manager.

Not pictured:
Aaron Shay, performer, singer, banjo, "The Mongrel Jews".

Note: Kevin's suit was tailored. By a professional tailor. I am not kidding. (Marian's bro is a tailor, you see)

"It's Thanksgiving Versus Christmas, Hooray!"

Best part is that this is all getting made into an album, which you can pre-order right here! We even made the second show's audience sit through a few re-takes of some little bits just so we could get everything just right. They seemed to really enjoy it (I hope)!

That's our last gig for 2014, gang. See you on our next scheduled trip 'round the sun. Monkey out.

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