tfabris: (Tony Fabris Portrait)
tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2016-02-18 09:04 pm

Ad Victoriam!

Hello from the sunny-but-cold Commonwealth, where we are the Featured Filkers at Boskone 2016! We have two concerts this weekend, a 1-hour set on Friday night, and a shorter set on Saturday night. We have only been here a few hours, and the staff at the Westin has been awesome to us more than once already.

It's my first time here, and I've already seen a few important landmarks from the air and from our hotel window, such as Bunker Hill, The Castle, The CIT, and Sanctuary Hills. (Seriously, though, from the air during the winter, this area looks quite post-apocalyptic.)

We're also really excited about how we're going to be the Guests of Honor at this year's Ohio Valley Filk Fest. We can't wait! And then we get to be the Toast Band at Conflikt 2017! Whoa!

Ad Victoriam!

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