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It's Done!

Assuming all the magical CD shipment and digital distribution faeries get all their T's dotted, the release date for our second studio album, We Are Who We Are, will be Friday, November 4th, 2016! Not coincidentally, that also happens to be the first day of OVFF this year, where we are the Guests of Honor. We are planning to hold a small release party while we're there at OVFF (Friday night after the Pegasus concert). We hope that those of you coming to OVFF can make it. We're also doing a local Seattle release concert on December 16th.

When it's released on November 4th, these URLs will be the two main places you can buy it:

Physical copies on CDBaby:
Digital copies on Bandcamp:

(Remember, those links either won't work, or won't show you the album, until November 4th.)

Many other digital distribution sites will have it as well, including iTunes and Amazon. CDBaby might run out of physical copies at first, we'll restock them ASAP when they do, so place your order with them and be patient if it gets back-ordered. If you're a filk distributor, please contact us directly to arrange to get some copies for your stock.

Here's the track listing:

01. Burn It Down
02. Missing Part*
03. I Hope You Don't Mind
04. Likho's Lullabye
05. Eight-Legged Blues (Live)
06. Dawson's Christian*
07. The Girl That's Never Been
08. Anna
09. We Are Who We Are
10. Uplift*
11. We Can Be Anything
12. Just a Dream
13. Trouble
14. The River

* Dawson's Christian is written by Duane Elms, and we are using some of Jordin Kare's modified lyrics to it. Uplift is written by Andrew Eigel. Missing Part is written by Seanan McGuire.

And yes, that's a remake of "The Girl That's Never Been" you see there. Full-rock-band production. You'll love it.

As if that's not enough, we also would like to announce that we're going to be the Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, September 22-24, in Dallas!

Other upcoming appearances are: GOHs at OVFF, November 4-6, 2016, Worthington, OH (as was mentioned above), Wayward release concert on December 16th, and Toastband at Conflikt 2017, Jan 27-29, 2017, Seattle, WA.

Are you excited? Because we sure are!

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Thanks! We already had them drop-ship Mary Bertke a full box, and we'll also be bringing some in our bags. So we're hoping that'll be enough.