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Norwescon is less than a week away! How did that happen? We've been busy changing all our passwords thanks to the Heartbleed exploit, while I'm simultaneously trying to set up a new audio interface, and a new computer which I'll be using for audio recording and also to be used as our songbook tablet.

We have three, count 'em, three, shows to play at Norwescon, all of them with Betsy and Sunnie! First up will be the Vixy & Tony concert, on Friday April 18th at 8:30 in the Evergreen 1 & 2 rooms at Norwescon. We are hoping to debut a brand new song at this concert! That will be followed by our good friend Seanan McGuire's concert shortly thereafter, and we will be her backup band, natch. We're not sure exactly how we'll split the two sets yet, maybe there will be a break between the two sets, or maybe we'll just play straight through, and plug in a new lead singer when appropriate. Then, the following night, we will be doing backup band duties for Molly Lewis, on Saturday, April 19th at 10pm in the same place, Evergreen 1 & 2. See you there!

There will also be other fantastic musical acts to catch while at Norwescon, many of them are our friends and we want you to go see them too, because we think they're awesome! In particular, there will be Hello, the Future! on Friday at 7pm in Evergreen 1 & 2 (right before us), there will be The Doubleclicks on Saturday at 9pm in Evergreen 1 & 2 (right before Molly), and on Friday afternoon, there will be the amazing Heather Dale Band in Grand Ballroom 3 at 3pm, featuring our beloved Betsy Tinney on cello!

Here's the entire Norwescon schedule for all the details of all the great stuff to see at the con. And as always, remember that the schedules of cons can get a bit fibbly-wibbly timey-wimey, so some of the details I've listed above might change as the weekend plays out.

One of the best parts of all these Norwescon concerts is that there will be live streams for most of them! For those who can't make it to the con, you can watch them right here. And if you want to make a donation to help support these live streams, you can donate to the videographer right here. K is our friend and we love him, and needs the support!

Coming up in May, we'll be at Wayward, on the night of May 17th at 8pm, with Betsy and Sunnie. Can't stop the signal!
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Conflikt is coming up this weekend! It's going to be fiddle-tastic, with our favorite violinists (Amy and Sunnie) as the GOH and Toastmaster, respectively. Vixy and I will be in the backup band for concerts by Sunnie, Betsy, and Kaede during the weekend, and we'll be participating in circles and generally enjoying the con overall. And we're really excited to see Tim Griffin again, he's one of our faves.

We're still slowly recovering from that amazing concert we did with Betsy recently. Release The Cello, and its corresponding release-concert party, was successfully unleashed upon a ravenous audience, and the energy was just amazing. Ten performers mixed together in a three-set show, and we really pulled it off. Everyone involved in the show was absolutely at the top of their game, everyone was just flawless and amazing. We had such a fantastic time!

Evidence of the fantastic time is hereby presented in the form of a special video from my POV. Fishy, for a long time, has been wanting to use his Google Glass device to record what it's like to be a hyperactive bouncy part-squirrel guitarist on stage. Well, we picked a good night on which to perform that particular experiment: we were really on fire, and there were at least ten people on stage. Warning: you might want to take your Dramamine or Bonine before pressing Play on this video:

Coming up, we're trying to settle on another date at Wayward, and we're going have a concert at Norwescon! The Norwescon show will probably on the Friday afternoon or evening, and also we'll be playing backup band for Seanan and Molly there, but I'm not putting it on our official calendar yet, until we get a solid schedule in our hands. It'll pop up on our calendar shortly once we get solid confirmations. See you there!
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Betsy's release concert is coming up this Saturday!

This is going to be an amazing show to celebrate the release of our favorite cellist's first solo album, Release The Cello! And while a concert of just Betsy would be awesome, we couldn't just leave her all alone up there, could we? This concert is going to be massive! Sure you'll get plenty of Betsy's solo music, but you're also going to get so much more: Sooj and Alec will be there, so you'll get the Full Pixie, as it were. Throw in some Jeff and Maya (they're flying up here special for this event), some Sunnie fiddling, and of course, a bit of Vixy & Tony, and that makes a pretty full house!

And yes, for certain parts of the show, we're going to try to get everyone on stage at once. Does anyone know what the weight rating is for the stage there at Kenmore? Should we ask for a bowl of M&M's?
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Thanks everyone for coming out to Wayward on Saturday! We had an absolute blast!

Got an interesting surprise in my email inbox just now: A fan at Saturday's show bought a CD from us, and when they got it home and stuck it into their CD player, it played the wrong band. This is clearly a manufacturing error of some kind, but we'd like to know if this was a widespread problem. This is the first and only time that I've ever gotten a report like this, so I'm hoping it's just a one-off problem.

I think it would be a safe assumption that anyone who bought our album would let us know right away if something similar had happened to them. But in case you encountered the same issue and just haven't contacted us yet, please let us know right away by clicking here and sending us an email. Thanks!
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Wayward show this weekend! It's Wayward's annual Sereniversary Shindig, this coming Saturday, September 28th! Party starts at 6pm, music starts at 7pm. There are also plans for trivia and a costume contest, so dress up! We will be accompanied by the wonderful Betsy and Sunnie, for all your string section needs!
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Last weekend was spent in the studio, with a bunch of new recording gear, a rented drum kit, and a willing drummer. We tracked drums for six songs destined for the next Vixy & Tony album. There are still a couple of songs left to get percussion for, but for now, I've got my work cut out for me with comping, mixing, and additional guitar overdubs. I'm so very tired, but it was a great weekend with good friends. Brian was awesome, and this record is going to sound great.

Upcoming shows:
Edmonds, Otherworlds, Saturday, August 10th, 4:30 to 5:30pm.
Seattle, Wayward, September 28th, 7pm.
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Thank you everyone, who made last weekend's Wayward show awesome and fun! We had a fantastic time!

I (Tony, that is) will be playing guitar for the incredible Molly Lewis, as well as the equally awesome Betsy and Katie Tinney, at Soulfood Books in Redmond, this coming Saturday June 29th at 7:30pm. Vixy will be out of town by then, just having left for an adventure. Come see why everyone loves Molly so much!

Hey, speaking of Molly, did you see, she has a new album out? And we're like, all over this thing! It's the album of Molly's musical portion of the Amazing Triple Door Graduation Show from last summer, and it's just wonderful. Go grab it now!

Coming up, later this summer, we're going to head up to Edmonds, to play at Otherworlds on the afternoon of Saturday, August 10th. Come join us from 4:30 to 5:30pm, and then stay for Geek Bingo with the Seattle Browncoats at 6pm. This is a new place for us! We'll have our amazing friends Betsy and Sunnie with us, to exponentially increase the awesome!

Then after that, we'll be back at Wayward for Sereniversary on September 28th!
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Hey folks! We've got a Wayward show coming up soon! We'll be playing Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at 7pm, accompanied by the amazing talents of our good friends Betsy and Sunnie! No promises until after rehearsal, but we're working on an arrangement of another crazy rock cover tune y'all can headbang and dance to. (Shhh.)

The wayward show is the pre-screening shindig in conjunction with the 2013 Can't Stop The Serenity event, put on by the awesome Seattle Browncoats. Although we're not playing at CSTS itself, and the CSTS screening itself is actually a few weeks later, on July 13th, you should all definitely go to that screening! As always, the screening is always great fun, there are other fun acts that are participating, and proceeds go to benefit Equality Now, Northwest Harvest, and other charities.

And then, we've also already got Sereniversary booked at Wayward, coming up on September 28th, so mark your calendars!

In the meantime, work proceeds apace on our second album. We are doing recording of drums in the very near future, a new song is being written, and life is good!
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Wayward show this weekend! We're back, at the one and only Browncoat epicenter of Seattle, Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 7pm, joined by the amazing Betsy and Sunnie!

And then there's Norwescon the following weekend! We're doing a Thing with Molly Lewis this year! For those of you who were able to attend her awesome Graduation Party Concert last summer, then you know what fun you're in for. And for those who missed it, here's your chance to experience what Molly sounds like with a band behind her! Come see it on the Saturday night of Norwescon!

Special announcement! Norwescon PARTY CAR!
Our friend Hello, The Future! is playing Friday night at Norwescon and then playing the following Saturday evening at Wayward. That makes it hard for folks to be able to see her at Wayward and also see the fun events at Norwescon on Saturday night. So she's getting carpools together to go to Wayward and back on Saturday, so you can go to the con, and catch both her at Wayward and the Molly/Vixy/Tony/Betsy/Sunnie thing at Norwescon on the same night! She's got seats in two cars available as of this writing, so Send and email to with the subject PARTY CAR to join in!

Then keep your eyes on our twitter feed for other announcements. We're planning other shows this year, but they're secret right now, until they're not.


Feb. 28th, 2013 10:44 am
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We're gearing up for ECCC this weekend! Are you all excited? Hey, remember last year when we did that awesome and fun thing with those people? There's a chance we might do it (or some similar subset of it) again this year, too. If we do, there's a chance it might happen on Sunday, so if you want to witness it, you must keep your eyes on each of our various Twitter feeds to see if that's something that's going to happen!

Next weekend, I'll be playing guitar for Marian Call on Saturday and Sunday, March 9th and 10th, check her web site for all the details.

And another reminder that we're back at Wayward on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 7pm, with Betsy and Sunnie!

See you all there!
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Hey! We're coming back to Wayward! Our show there will be Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 7pm. We'll have our beloved Betsy and Sunnie with us! We've also got some other Wayward shows in the works later in the year, too! Come see us, and have tasty vegan treats too!

But first...

Conflikt is coming up in just one week! With our dear friends the incredible Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff as the guests of honor! They're awesome! They don't come to Seattle very often, so you should take advantage of this rare opportunity. You're all coming, right? RIGHT?!?
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Our Re-recorded version of No Hurry is up! For the full story of why we re-recorded it, have a peek at the Behind the Music page for the song.

I had a lot of fun working with Betsy and Sunnie on this one. If you're wondering what our second album is going to sound like, this is a taste of how the songs are sounding in the studio with our string section. Please comment below and let us know what you think of this new version of the song!

A note about how Bandcamp handles downloads: We want the song to be free to download, however, Bandcamp only lets 200 people download a free song per calendar month, after that, it switches to paid. So what we've done is put the song up as a name-your-own-price song, and if you want to be one of those 200 people, put in zero for your price. If you want to let someone else be one of those 200 people, put in something for the price. At least, I think that's how it works. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with Bandcamp.

Aaaaaand.... We're gearing up for two shows on the next two weekends!

Shiny Happy Holidays in Santa Monica, Saturday Night December 8th!

GeekFest in Shoreline, on Saturday and Sunday, December 15th and 16th! (We're playing Sunday at 2:30pm.)

Both shows benefit charity!
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We've got shows coming up! And they're both Browncoat shows!

Our first show coming up is Shiny Happy Holidays, in Santa Monica, on the night of Saturday December 8th, and it's four acts in one evening: Hello, The Future!, Eben Brooks Logan Heftel, and of course, Vixy & Tony! There will also be an auction and other things! This is going to be a great show, but we don't know anyone in LA, so we need your help boosting the signal! Please tweet and blog and facebook about this show so that everyone in LA knows about it!

Our second show this December will be on the afternoon of Sunday, December 16th at 2:30pm, as part of GeekFest! We'll be playing with our beloved Betsy and Sunnie, in a massive theater with tons of space! Other acts for the weekend include the aforementioned Hello, The Future! and Eben Brooks, as well as the hard rocking Kirby Krackle, the comedy of Nerdprov, and other amazing acts! Geekfest runs all weekend, and they'll be putting up their final schedule at their web site soon! Get your tickets now, bring all your friends, and let's fill the place up!

Both of December's shows are put on by Browncoat organizations (CA and Seattle), and both of them benefit their favorite charities. What better way to spend time in December?

In the meantime, I'm closing in on the final mix of our re-record of No Hurry, and it's wonderful, it's full of Betsy and Sunnie goodness, you'll love it! And we're going to release it for free! Very soon now!
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Back home safe from OVFF! As we were flying Westward from Chicago, we could see the wall of cloud from the approaching edge of the storm system surrounding hurricane Sandy. I hope that all of our friends on the East coast are safe and dry! Chime in and let us know how you're doing.

Tonight, we're going to be rehearsing with Betsy for our concert at Orycon this weekend, we're really looking forward to it! Who's coming?

But finally! Details about the December 8th Browncoat show in LA! We're calling it Shiny Happy Holidays, and it's a collection of four great musical acts, an auction, and other stuff! It's going to be so much fun! The problem is, we don't know anyone in LA except Hello, The Future, so we need your help getting the word out! Are you in LA or do you have friends in LA? Tell them about this! Blog and tweet about this!
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Well, OVFF is being awesome this weekend so far. There was a somewhat difficult travel day to get here, where we arrived at the flight gate to depart and they had closed the airplane door seven minutes prior. But the helpful United agents rebooked us on a flight that got us here just barely before the Pegasus concert started, and everything came off smoothly. Vixy was a bit frazzled around the edges, and had to retire early on Friday night, but things are looking good for the filk circles tonight so far.

In particular, it was nice to meet Hello, The Future! in person and see her perform, there's going to be a lot more of her in our sphere of attention coming up in December, where we'll be doing GeekFest with her on the 15th and an LA show on the 8th (details still pending on that one).

But of course, the big news is the Pegasus Awards, and it was a great banquet and ceremony, with, amazingly, two tie awards:

Best Song
Cheshire Kitten
S.J. Tucker

Best Classic Song
Tiberius Rising
Adam English and Rand Bellavia

Best Writer/Composer (tie)
Juanita Coulson
Dr. Mary Crowell

Best Performer (tie)
Betsy Tinney
Wild Mercy

Best Gaming Song
I Put My Low Stat
Dr. Mary Crowell

Best Travel Song
No Hurry
Michelle Dockrey

I'm deeply proud to call the people on that list (variously) my loved ones, partners, collaborators, fellow performers, and friends.

By the way, I was mixing our re-record of No Hurry during the trip this weekend, and you guys are going to just love what Betsy and Sunnie are doing with it.

See you guys at Orycon next week?
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We're getting packed to head off to OVFF this weekend. And I'm really sad that Betsy and Sunnie can't come. But! I got to work with them in the studio last weekend, and WOW, were they awesome.

They're the kind of players that you can just sit in front of a microphone and magic comes out. They came up with the most delightful parts, laying down something like six tracks total in just a few hours. I don't ever try to write parts for them to play, they are just so wonderful at coming up with beautiful material on their own. That means that when I record them on a song, it will always have their distinctive signatures and creativity baked right in. That just thrills me, because it means that in the end, the song takes on new textures that I didn't even know were there. I feel so honored that they enjoy doing that for our songs. And I love them dearly.

Coming up, Vixy & Tony & Betsy are playing a concert at Orycon very soon, with Katie opening. There's GeekFest in December, and keep an eye on our schedule this weekend for details about the LA show on December 8th!


Oct. 10th, 2012 11:34 am
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We're getting ready for Archon this weekend! We've got two concerts planned out, one on Friday evening and one on Saturday afternoon, in two different locations. Panels and Filk circles too! Peek at the convention's programming grid for all the details.

We're going to go to OVFF as regular attendees in a couple of weeks, then after that it's Orycon at the beginning of November.

Then, in December, there will be GeekFest in Seattle, and a Browncoat holiday show in LA on December 8th! (Details about the LA show coming soon!)
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Hey everybody! We're back at Wayward! It's Sereniversary this weekend! We'll play some music, Broenwynn will do some Whedon trivia, and there will be a Firefly costume contest with prizes! Are you coming? Who will you be dressing as?

Also: There might (depending on a couple of IF's) be something Jade at the merch table! Crossing our fingers!

In the meantime, in the studio, we're re-recording No Hurry to fix a lyric issue, and simultaneously take advantage of the opportunity to add additional awesome to the song. We'll offer it up for free download once it's done!

And just announced! Coming up in December, there will be GeekFest again! This time, it'll be a whole weekend! The music is going to be amazing! There will be us, of course, with a healthy dose of Betsy and Sunnie. But that's not all! We've got the clever quirky fun of Hello, The Future!, the hilarious parody stylings of Eben Brooks, geek music by Afraid of Figs, comedy by NerdProv, and the amazing, full-band, rock-your-face-off, dance-the-night-away antics of Kirby Krackle!

WHEW! Okay! Coming up? Well, there's still our Filk GOH slot at Archon 36, October 12th, We're doing a concert at Orycon on November 3rd, and we are still trying to put something together in LA in December! Maybe a browncoaty thing on or about the date of December 8th, with Hello, The Future!, Eben Brooks, and others. Who's free on that day?

Eye Candy

Sep. 5th, 2012 12:16 pm
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Here are some shots of the Chicon 7 masquerade, including some nice action shots of Torrey competing as Prince Zuko, firebending in his ceremonial armor. She won Best choreography, and a special award for attention to detail for the nail/embossing work on the armor. The photos are by Amber Clark, Stopped Motion Photography.

Also adorable: Airbender meets Firebender. D'aww.
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Wow, it's been a crazy, mad weekend at Chicon 7, we saw hilarious and amazing things happen all weekend, and had a huge amount of fun playing to a packed room in three different concerts with our friends. Seanan and Cat won their first Hugos in the Best Fancast category, and we had fun filking on Friday and Sunday nights. Thank you, everyone who came to our concerts and bought our CDs! Click on the "Comment" link below and say hi!

Coming up, we're doing another one of the awesomely fun book release parties for Seanan at Borderlands Books in San Francisco. It's when? It's THIS COMING WEEKEND?! We're still at Worldcon! Who makes these schedules?! (oh right, it's me.) Anyway, details are all here. Who's coming?

Then what's next? Let's see, we've got...
We're trying to work out details for two shows in December, one of them in Seattle, one of them in LA, both of them Browncoat-related! Stay tuned for details!
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