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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2014-06-22 01:01 pm

Upcoming shows!

We have some upcoming shows this summer and fall!

We're playing at the annual Can't Stop The Serenity screening, run by the Seattle Browncoats Charities, with proceeds to benefit Equality Now and MOHAI. This is coming up soon, on Saturday July 19th at 7pm. This will be awesome because it's dinner theater with a full menu, at Central Cinema! Doors open at 6:30 pm, Vixy & Tony (just the two of us) will play a short set, then the movie screening will happen at 8 pm. There will be a costume contest, too, so come as your favorite Firefly character!

Late addition! We're opening for Outdoor Trek on July 26th! Sunnie will be with us, and we're counting on her to bring her namesake along! We will play at 6pm and Trek happens at 7. The show is in a small amphitheater-like spot at the North end of Blanche Lavizzo Park, at 22nd and Yesler. The show is free, but bring some cash to stuff in their donation jars! If they do the same thing as they did last year, the jars are labeled with Trek episodes, and the jar with the most money is the episode they pick the following year.

If you haven't seen Outdoor Trek before, you really should! Whether you come to see us open for them on the 26th, or see them at one of the other times that they're playing during the surrounding weekends (Trek happens 7pm on the Saturdays, and at 2pm on the Sundays, between July 19th and August 3rd this year), you really should go, they're awesome! Each summer, they turn a Trek episode into a wonderfully low-tech stage play with a gender-bent cast. Their prop gags always slay me, like, using Silly String to represent the "love pollen" from This Side of Paradise. This summer the episode will be Mirror, Mirror, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it, considering it's the one I "voted" for last year. Come join us!

We'll be back at Wayward for their annual Sereniversary celebration Saturday September 20th at 7pm, with Sunnie!

Then we will be whisked off to Germany, where we will be the Guests of Honor at FilkCONtinental, the annual German filk convention! This will happen the weeked of October 3-5, in Wernigerode. We'll have both Betsy and Sunnie with us, so this is going to be an amazing trip!

Then finally, we will be the Musical Guests of Honor at Orycon in Portland! This will be the weekend of November 7-9, at the Portland Doubletree. We'll have Sunnie playing fiddle and generally being awesome! We don't know exactly what time/day we'll be playing yet, so if you're coming, remember that con schedules are tricky!

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