tfabris: (Tony Fabris Portrait)
tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2016-07-04 05:45 pm

More shows!

We've got a few shows coming up to tell you about!

We're opening for the one of the wonderful, delightful Outdoor Trek shows again this year. We'll be there on the evening of July 23rd. Music at 6pm, Trek at 7pm. We'll have Sunnie with us and it's going to be great, as always.

After that, it's another annual event: Music Under the Trees! Make sure to get your tickets early as this one is sure to sell out quick. This will be August 6th at 3pm, and it runs all afternoon and well into the evening. Come join us for a warm summer evening in the shade!

Then we'll be back at Wayward Coffeehouse for the annual Sereniversary party on Saturday, September 24th. We'll do a set of music at 7pm, and another one at 9pm, with a one-hour break in between for socializing and a Firefly trivia contest. Come join us for tasty food and drink and fun!

Then it's two cons: We are GOHs at OVFF and the Toastband at Conflikt coming up in November and January, respectively. You might not want to miss out on OVFF this year, since we might have a surprise or two up our sleeves.

Rock on!

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