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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2017-04-08 10:07 am


Norwescon is less than a week away! We are playing a set there, at 4pm, Saturday, April 15th. This year, it's in a different place than usual. We're in Grand Ballroom 3 - big hall, big hall.

We'll be preceded by our pals the PDX Broadsides at 2pm and Celt Check at 3pm, so make sure to come early for all the awesomeness! And of course, there's everything else going on at Norwescon, so we'll see you around the con!

Coming up this summer, we're the Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, Sep 22-24 in Dallas! All four of us will be there! This one's going to be super fun!

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