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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2017-09-12 01:33 pm

Fall and winter shows!

Hey everyone!

We are currently rehearsing for our upcoming appearance at FenCon in Dallas, and having a ton of fun. We're planning a great concert with the four of us plus some guests, and also there will be solo concerts by Betsy and Sunnie. There are also other great musicians coming to FenCon, including our good friends Mary Crowell, Alexander James Adams, Leslie Hudson, and Scott Snyder. There is expected to be a significant amount of cross-pollination of musical acts, of course, so if you're at Fencon this year, you might get to see a supergroup or two. Or five. And oh yeah, there's an SF convention happening in there somewhere, too.

We are also all going to be at OVFF this year, where we will be the the backup band for 2017's Guest of Honor, Seanan McGuire!

And then we have new shows to announce coming up:

Saturday, November 4th, we will be playing in Kenmore at the CD release party for Betsy's new album, Wyverns in the Winery! We will also be joined by our wonderful friends Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff!

Saturday, December 2nd, we will be back at Wayward Coffeehouse!

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