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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2018-10-04 03:25 pm


Vixy & Tony, and lots of friends, will be playing at Orycon 2018 in Portland!

We'll have the full band of Vixy and Tony and Betsy and Sunnie there, and we will also be the backup band for their guest of honor, our good friend Seanan McGuire, who will be doing a concert of her own. And if that weren't enough, the amazing Mary Crowell, the music guest of honor, will also have a concert, and I expect that some subset of our band will be playing with her as well!

It all happens on Saturday evening, November 10th. The schedule is tentative at this time, and it's a convention, so these things can change on a dime, so check the schedule when you get there. But as of this writing, the schedule was planned to be Betsy solo set at 5pm, Vixy and Tony at 6pm, Seanan McGuire at 7pm, and Mary Crowell at 8pm, all shows in the Timberline room.

See you there!

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