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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2019-02-01 03:25 pm

Norwescon and Sunnie Kickstarter!

Norwescon approaches! Well, in a few months it does.

Our concert is scheduled for 4pm, Saturday, April 20th. we will be accompanied by Betsy and Sunnie, and we'll be preceded by Megathruster at 3pm and our beloved Betsy at 2pm.

The Norwescon program grid isn't up yet, but be sure to check back there later for all the fun goodness at the con, and to double check if the schedule has changed. Things can get a little fibbly wibbly timey wimey at cons, after all. Other concerts at the con include Alexander James Adams at 6pm Friday, Celt Check at 5pm Friday, Shubzilla at 4pm Friday, Lady Heather at midnight Thursday, Aaron Shay at 11pm Thursday, and Leannan Sidhe at 10pm Thursday.

In the meantime, Sunnie has a Kickstarter for her upcoming solo album! Get thee over there to donate and get rewards!

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