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Norwescon has started! We will arrive tomorrow, but I hear that the place is already nuts, with the powers of GRRM drawing people there from far and wide.

We have two shows this year at Norwescon, both on Saturday night in Evergreen 1+2: We will be Molly Lewis' backup band again, at 9pm on Saturday. She's going to play a few numbers from last November's incredible Thanksgiving Versus Christmas musical, as well as some of her old favorites. Then at 10pm, we'll do our Vixy & Tony concert and bring the house down! Hopefully we won't bring it down too much, because open filk is in the same room right after. Both shows will feature Betsy and Sunnie, being the shiny awesomeness that you already know they are.

Also don't miss the Norwescon debut of the charming PDX Broadsides on Friday night at 9pm! Sunnie will be playing with them as well! Because we share.

And for those of you crazy people who are somehow missing Norwescon, there will be a livestream of all the concerts at Fan Supported TV! If you can't make it to the con, check out the stream! (Alternate link for stream here if the first link gives you any trouble.)

(Edit: Sorry that the livestream failed for everyone. The site that was hosting the video had a recurring problem, where the site would receive K's stream, but then refuse to let any of the logged-in users see the stream. Time to shop for a new stream host provider, eh? Hopefully K will get the archived videos posted to Fan Supported TV soon.)

Coming up, we will be among the guests of honor at Westercon in San Diego on the weekend of July 2-5 2015, and early next year, we'll be the featured filkers at Boskone in Boston, the weekend of February 19-21 2016. We're also planning to do some shows at Wayward this year, once we work out some dates.

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Boskone can be very fussy about who the "guests of honor" are, and I regret that the Featured Filkers aren't among them. You'll still be very well-treated, but the terminology has sometimes been a sensitive point.

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Thanks! Corrected!