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tfabris ([personal profile] tfabris) wrote2015-04-29 07:11 pm

More misprinted CDs. Sorry!

A while ago, we got an email from a fan who'd bought one of our CDs at a show, took it home, unwrapped the factory-applied shrink-wrap, and played it, only to find a completely different band's music was stamped into it. The packaging was correct and the silkscreening atop the CD was correct, but the manufacturer stamped the wrong music on that copy. (Our CDs are manufactured, aka "stamped", not "burned" on a CD-R like many other short-run discs.)

We had hoped it was just a one-off fluke, but, a German Filk distributor just discovered three more with the same problem. Argh!

We'll be hand-testing all our CDs now before selling them, but please let us know if you happen to get one that's mis-stamped. For instance, some distributors might still have un-tested copies at this time. If you find a problem, drop us an email. At your option, we'll either ship you a correct copy, or, give you a Bandcamp download code, whichever you like.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

[personal profile] hms42 2015-04-30 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
ugh! Just what you don't need. Hopefully the duplicator can replace the bad CDs for free. I once won an interfilk item at OVFF (years ago), where a similar issue happened to Toyboat. They auctioned the right CD and the bad CD off as a set.

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Alas, the duplicator company is long since out of business. I can't imagine why.
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The first 20 or so were wrong. It's probably the beginning or end of the run.
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[personal profile] callibr8 2015-05-09 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, how frustrating! I've never had such problems with SuperDigital (just checked, they now bill themselves as CDPDX), and they're just down the road in Portland, OR. If/when you folks decide to publish another CD, I'd recommend working with them. They did "A Dancing World" and "From The Hazel Tree" for us, as well as the second edition of "As Good As Any", and I've heard of *NO* problems with any of those, in the 10+ years they've been out in the world.