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Hugos and Wayward!

Worldcon was amazing! The smoky skies in Spokane were appropriately post-apocalyptically epic, as were the history-making Hugo Awards. We played a really fun concert, despite the fact that I threw my back out during the afternoon sound check and was hobbling for the rest of the con. It's not quite "bleeding for my art", but it felt like it. We still had a blast and everything was awesome.

Vixy's husband's design for the 2015 Hugo Award bases had to be kept secret until the con, which was a hard thing to do, because we think they look amazing. Now that the con is over, you can see pictures which don't quite do these gorgeous bases justice. If you're interested in how the bases were made, Fishy, with the help of our beloved Kevin "K" Wiley, has made a really interesting video showing the bases, their design, and their construction, in detail.

Video: Making the 2015 Hugo Award Base
(There's also a shorter montage video, without narration, set to Betsy's "Gentle Storm".)

Coming up, on Saturday, September 26th, we are back at our musical home, Wayward Coffeehouse for their 10th Sereniversary Party! Come join the celebration with us!

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From when I saw who was doing the Hugo Award base, until your concert I was uncertain if Mathew and Vixy were related or not.

I fully enjoyed your concert (as usual) even if I was one of the three people (I know of) that were late to the pre-Hugo Award reception (I was on the Hugo Subcommittee) because we were there.

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Thanks so much! It means a lot to us that you were willing to be late to the Hugo reception just to see our concert. It's great to know that you weren't the only one, either. Of course, Vixy was one of those people who was also late, but she had a slightly more pressing reason to be at the concert. I think the concert went well, so I hope it was worth it to be late to the party. :-)

I think it's awesome that Fishy got to do the bases the year that Worldcon was in Spokane, since he grew up there. The trick to be able to tell that they're related is the spelling of the last name. It's Dockrey, not Dockery, theirs is the rarer spelling, which causes a common mistake where people mix up Vixy with the wonderful actress who has the same name but a different spelling.
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So happy to hear that the Worldcon concert went well. You all looked great and I missed being there with you! Can't wait for Sereniversary so we can play together again!